B2B Communication

Specialized needs for effective communication in partner, reseller, and corporate client networks.

Marketing Content

Content creation for focused or wide audiences, reflecting the corporate values while offering visible benefits to the recipients.

and Differentiation

At BrilliantPR we believe in the value of a systematic approach and the differentiation offered by a deep knowledge of content creation.

On this foundation we build media campaigns both impactful and clearly effective.

We place content on the axis around which all our communication actions are revolved, while we enclose it in an environment that promotes value and is immediately linkable to the needs of the targeted audience.

Our services


  • • Corporate Communication & Media Relations Management.
  • • Content creation
  • • Storytelling
  • • Marketing & Sales Campaigns
  • • Events Management
  • • Startup & NGO Communications


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Our method

With over a decade of experience, we have created an efficient and flexible organizational structure while maintaining in-house all of the critical skill sets that are required for the services we provide.

Meanwhile we have created a robust network of partnerships that extend the reach of our production capabilities , based upon the same high standards of quality and efficiency, that we adhere to.

Our team