At a time when practices of web content creation go through successive phases of differentiation, depending on the trends that arise, the tactics of scandalous and […]
Communication trends

Trends in Communication for 2019

We are in the 4th month of 2019 and the emerging trends in the field of communications are clearer and they can be better outlined. Communication […]

The role of communication in understanding the concept of digital transformation

Nowadays, digital transformation is at the heart of many discussions related to business and economic development, expanding activities and reaching new markets, attracting new customers, but […]

Unlocking success through proper communications in social media

Social media have matured to the extent that not only offer us a mere communication tool, but also they unlock the possibility of outlining, in important […]

From cash to the “new money”: the changes in the landscape of digital transactions and the role of proper communication

The course of our local economy in 2019, but also the way we carry out our transactions as consumers and professionals, goes through a stage of […]

Communication in the age of Artificial Intelligence

In 1816, English writer Mary Shelley wrote “Frankenstein”, the fictional story that is thought to have laid the foundations for modern science fiction literature. At the […]