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At BrilliantPR we have worked hard to establish ourselves as an efficient, trustworthy and reliable business partner, providing valuable expertise, services and support in the fields of Public Relations, Event Management, Content Development, Advertising, Planning and Executing Marketing Campaigns.

You shouldn’t trust but the most experienced and well versed in the field of communication, and that’s exactly what we provide – a multi-faceted and complete solution of promoting your image for an impactful and strong presence at Posidonia 2016, but not as an isolated instance, but the beginning of a dynamic and ongoing process of your expanding business. Here’s what we can do for you:

Strategize your presence for Posidonia 2016 and beyond

Design and set up your booth
Our creative stuff will deliver to you the best proposals from which you will choose the optimal look for your booth. We will take care of all the necessary details for logistics, representative personnel recruitment, conformance with the exhibition regulations and other organizational details.
Organize onsite and offsite events
At your request, we can set up targeted events, press and business meetings and other attractions, in or outside the expo area, in order to increase the impact of your presence and get the most out your participation at Posidonia 2016.
Organize additional Hospitality and Entertainment venues
Let us build an alluring and glamorous environment for you, by means of proposing and executing suitable venues that will attract the attention of your audience. We will reach out skilled personnel hired from specialized agencies, attract celebrities to advocate for you , and find the best mix of activities that reflect your culture and create a welcoming and highly positive sentiment for your brand.
Design and execute Corporate Communication and Messaging
Let us develop your image and communicate your strong presence at Posidonia 2016, before, during and after the expo. We will disseminate your message, contact the media, trigger public interest, and let the world know you’re there and ready for everyone interested.
Generate Business Leads
One of the most valuable aspects of our support is to expand your business horizons, get you to expand your reach towards new markets and prospect partnerships. Building a network that will help you attract new partners, expand to new markets, identify new customer groups, pinpoint your target audience, getting them to know you, is what we can do for you. We can provide you with services such as cold-calling, target database identification, newsletters, networking events, social media engagement, multimedia presentation and distribution, web presence etc.
Our focus is providing you with a comprehensive and complete solution of promoting your interests, making your statements loud and clear to your audience, business partners and customers alike, and alleviating the minutia of micro-management, communication and presentation from your shoulders, especially during event busy days, allowing you to focus on what’s most important to you, stand out in the midst of your competitors and reach out, to expand into existing and new markets.

Do not miss the opportunity to maximize the benefits from your participation @ Posidonia 2016

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